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Over 100 guns and explosives were seized from a home in Campbell River


A 55-year-old Campbell River man has been arrested after a search of his home revealed more than 100 firearms, explosives, detonators, and other prohibited devices.

A search warrant was acquired after the man, Tony Green, pointed a loaded gun at an off-duty police officer last Monday. The search began that night, and lasted for three days.

In total, over 100 guns, hand guns, shotguns, and assault rifle-style weapons were seized from Green. Many of the weapons are considered prohibited firearms, including a WWII Bren machine gun with an attached tripod.

“This is an astonishing amount of firearms we found,” Campbell River RCMP told Victoria Buzz.

Investigators also found what appeared to be homemade silencers, zip guns (improvised firearms), prohibited over-capacity magazines, and a number of untraceable firearms.

Besides the guns, the search had to be temporarily suspended as “high explosives”, detonators, and detonator cords were found inside the residence, causing the RCMP Explosive Disposal Unit to attend.

According to police, none of the firearms or devices were locked or stored properly, and some of the weapons were found loaded.

Campbell River RCMP say that the investigation is still in its early stages, but that they are working to uncover why Green possessed the 100+ firearms. Police say that he has no prior criminal charges or known criminal activity.

“In addition to the charges already laid, we will be recommending numerous serious firearm charges for consideration by Crown Counsel.” said Cpl. Ron Vlooswyk of the Campbell River RCMP in a release. “Every prohibited device, every firearm not properly stored can be considered an individual offence.”

Green remains in custody and will appear before court on Tuesday, February 12th.

Adam Chan
Former Staff Writer at Victoria Buzz.

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