Thursday, February 22, 2024

The Weather Network just released Victoria’s long-term Spring forecast


While Victoria may have gotten the most snow out of every major city in Canada this February, a sunny Spring is set to replace this Winter’s chilly woes, according to the Weather Network.

Across the country, Canada is expected to remain frigid and cold for the rest of February. Half way through March, however, the nation’s weather is expected to make a “quick transition” from winter to spring weather with warmer weather generally holding out until early April.

“This is a sharp contrast to what we saw during the same time last year, when much colder than normal temperatures dominated late March and April from Alberta to Atlantic Canada,” according to the Weather Network.

In BC, and specifically Victoria, the snowy February is set to give way to a “milder and gentler pattern” for the remainder of the month and March.

For the rest of Spring, above average temperatures are expected to hold for the season. However, the weather agency warns that it will it not be sunshine and rainbows the entire time and that the warmer than usual weather could lead to environmental concerns of its own.

“…It will definitely not be smooth sailing all the way to summer as periods of cooler and unsettled weather will still occur at times,” said the Weather Network.

“During the periods of warmer and wet weather we will have a heightened threat for spring flooding.”

While the warmer weather and dumping of snow that BC received this winter could lead to flooding, the Weather Network says that the increased amount of snowfall will make for excellent conditions for some spring skiing.

Adam Chan
Former Staff Writer at Victoria Buzz.

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