(Image / Snowball Fight Facebook)

With the island virtually shut down since Monday, some Victorians are looking to make the most of the snowy weather by having a monumentally large snowball fight right on the lawns of BC Legislature.

At the time of publication, a total of 116 people said they were going to attend the snowball fight on the Facebook event page. Besides the people who have committed, a staggering 830 more Victorians have said they were “interested” in joining the mayhem.

“Being from Saskatchewan, snowball fights have been a childhood event growing up and since the amount of snow which Victoria has experienced the past few days has been overwhelming, I figured, ‘why not get everyone out and enjoying the snow?!'” said Facebook event creator, Kelly Somogyi.

In February 2017, a snowy Victoria lead students at UVic to host a similar event.

“What better thing to do than have a giant city snowball fight on the lawn of the Legislative Building to celebrate our winter wonderland weather?” reads the event description.

“Bring all your family, friends, and pets out for a fun fight tonight. Let’s see how big we can make it!”

Snowball Fight

  • When: February 12th, 8:00 p.m.
  • Where: Legislative Assembly of British Columbia, 501 Bellville Street.

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