Snow in Sidney (Mary Winspear Centre / Instagram)

For those who didn’t believe it when we said there’d be snow last time, you may want to brace yourselves now.

According to Global News’ SkyTracker Weather app, Victoria is about to receive up to 12 cm (or 4.7 inches) of snow on either or both Friday and Saturday. This forecast is described as ‘uncertain’ and weather enthusiasts should stay tuned for changes.

(Kristi Gordon/Twitter)

Global News’ meteorologist isn’t the only one predicting snowfall for Vancouver Island.

Both the Weather Network and Environment Canada say Victoria is in for 4-5 cm of snow which, although drastically less than 12 cm, could still be enough to stop the city in its tracks.

According to the Weather Network’s digital meteorologist, Tyler Hamilton, Victoria has not had over 10 cm of snow since 2014, which would make Friday/Saturday a weekend to watch for.

Bitter windchill also in the forecast

On Wednesday morning, Environment Canada issued a special weather advisory for Greater Victoria, East and Inland Vancouver Island, warning residents of an arctic blast headed our way.

According to the statement, most areas of the South Coast are sure to get at least a few centimetres of snow by late Friday, however Greater Victoria and East and Inland Vancouver Island are favoured to receive higher accumulations of snow.

As the snowfall eases up on Friday night, it will be replaced by “bitterly cold outflow winds”, the strongest of which will hit Victoria and parts of Vancouver Island.

Residents and visitors in the area are advised to brace for bitterly cold windchill temperatures and reduced visibilities in blowing snow.

One of Environment Canada’s regional meteorologists for Vancouver Island, Philippe Alain Dergeron, told Victoria Buzz that the agency will have updated information throughout the day about the specific amount of snow coming our way this weekend.

Dergeron also mentioned that the ‘special weather statement’ has high chances of being upgraded to a ‘warning’ later today.

Stay tuned for updates!