(Richard Pepper/BCLC)

Victoria resident Richard Pepper can now retire without having to sell his house, thanks to a brilliant twist of fate.

After matching six out of seven numbers plus the bonus number on the Lotto Max Draw on December 21st, 2018, Pepper was able to claim $502,000 in prizes.

“I checked my numbers that were on my computer, then I called my wife,” Pepper explained. “When she saw the numbers she ran out the door to the nearest lottery kiosk to double check to see if someone in Victoria actually won.”

While the couple will be taking more time to think about larger purchases, a celebration dinner and Vancouver Canucks game tickets are definitely on the horizon.

“In the future I plan to invest a little and I’d also like to help out my family,” added Pepper. “The best thing is, this will allow me to retire without selling my house, and that takes a lot of stress out. I still don’t believe it.”

According to BCLC, British Columbians won over $153 million in Lotto Max prizes in 2018.

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