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A 38-year-old mountain biker who went missing on Monday was found safe and sound by Nanaimo RCMP and Nanaimo Search and Rescue on Tuesday afternoon.

Before disappearing, Nanaimo man Mathew Storey was last seen leaving his home on Alsop Road on Monday to ride the trails west of Doumont Road.

His family was expecting him to return on the same day and when he failed to return overnight, family members went to look for him on Tuesday morning.

They drove to the end of Doumont Road where they found his truck. Once the vehicle was found the RCMP was contacted and an official search began.

By the afternoon, RCMP officers and Nanaimo Search and Rescue staff located Storey and walked him back to his car.

Storey said that he had always planned on camping overnight but that the message must not have been properly conveyed to his family.

He said he is “extremely grateful” to everyone who helped search for him.