(Photo by Gordon Tolman/Instagram)

The bees are buzzing, birds are singing, and everywhere in town all signs point to the same thing: winter is officially over!

If double digit temperatures in Victoria this week weren’t enough indication of the moderate weather to come, the Weather Network has more affirmations in store for us.

“Warmer than normal temperatures are expected to dominate through the season,” reads the network’s prediction.

(Spring forecast for BC/Weather Network)

The majority of the province is also in for near normal precipitation with a few dry pockets in southeastern BC, according to Weather Network meteorologist Tyler Hamilton.

Warmer temperatures do not signal smooth sailing for all of BC, however. “During the periods of warmer weather we still have a heightened threat for flooding from rapid snow melt in the alpine regions.”

This pattern of higher than average temperatures is also expected to extend into the summer months across B.C. and Atlantic Canada, based on current Weather Network forecasts.

(Summer sneak peek/The Weather Network)

In the short term, and on a more local level, Victoria may be in for some spring showers along with the sunshine and double digit temperatures going into the weekend and next week.

Stay dry out there!

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