As Canadians across the country are in the process of filing taxes, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) systems have gone down, making logging-in impossible.

The systems reportedly went down early Monday morning, preventing users from logging in to their accounts, and the agency said it is currently working on a fix.

Since the technical errors first occurred, the “My Account” and “My Business Account” login pages have been unusable. Some people have reported the site has been acting up since Friday.

Trying to log in redirects users to a page that says “this service is not available at this time.” The CRA notes that some online services may still be available through the CRA main page, but has given no estimated time of when the website will be fully restored.

With tax season upon us, the CRA website sees increased traffic at this time of year.

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Personal income taxes for the year must be submitted by April 30th.

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