(Ken Motherwell / BC Lottery Corporation)

A married couple from Duncan are getting ready to pack their bags and travel the world after winning a Set For Life Scratch & Win top prize earlier this month.

The Set For Life Scratch & Win grand prize gives winners the option to accept weekly payments of $1,000 per week for 25 years (which amounts to $1.2 million), or an immediate lump sum of $675,000.

Vancouver Island resident Ken Motherwell and his wife have excitedly chosen the latter.

“I bought ten tickets, and my wife bought two,” Motherwell told the BC Lottery Corporation. “I was scratching my second ticket and I told her she needs to grab her glasses and come look at my ticket. We both started screaming!”

The excitement continued all the way to their local grocery store, Cobble Hill Grocery, where they got the ticket scanned for confirmation.

“The girls validated it and they were like, ‘Oh my God’ and we all took a picture together,” said Motherwell.

The couple enjoys travelling and are already planning future trips to come.

“We want to go to Belize and then maybe an African Safari,” explained Motherwell. “We have a motorhome and we plan to do more traveling in the U.S. with it when the weather is warmer.”

“It’s really amazing. I’m very happy about this and, of course, very grateful.”

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