(Vancouver Canucks/Facebook)

Can’t make it to the Canucks vs Leafs game in Vancouver on Wednesday?

For those of you watching the two teams battle it out on your flat screen at home in Victoria, here’s one way to feel closer to the rinkĀ and have the opportunity to win big.

According to the Vancouver Canucks, the 50/50 jackpot for tomorrow’s game is guaranteed to be over half a million dollars, with a take-home prize of $250,000.

This is the third major jackpot of the Canucks’ season, and every British Columbian can get in on the fun by grabbing tickets online at nhl.com/canucks/fans/5050.

The jackpot was larger than 1 million for the first time last year during the home game against the LA Kings on November 27th.

The second was on New Year’s Eve when the jackpot reached $608,320 at a World Junior Championship game between Canada and Russia.

Half of the jackpot – that’s upwards of $250,000 – will go to the raffle winner, while the other half is earmarked for the Canucks for Kids Fund which supports charities across the province like the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation.