Amendments to ICBC processes that will provide greater access to benefits for people injured in motor vehicle accidents will take effect on Monday, April 1st.

Changes to the Insurance (Vehicle) Regulation states that those who are injured in motor vehicle accidents on or after April 1st are eligible for increased limits in disability benefits, funeral expenses and death benefits.

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People who sustained injuries before April 1st can still receive increased medical and rehabilitation benefits starting Monday. They may also recover costs for necessary medication.

The amendment also includes a 60-day time limit for injured parties to submit their claims to ICBC, replacing the previous 2-year deadline which “made it difficult for ICBC to determine if expenses were reasonable and necessary when they were incurred,” reads a press release from the province.

“The new limit gives people a reasonable amount of time to submit their receipts while ensuring ICBC receives the information it needs to accurately assess the severity of claims, provide additional supports to injured people as needed and better forecast future costs.”

Those who can’t meet this new deadline because of their injuries may be exempted from the rule.

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