(Paul Cain / Saanich Police)

A retired Saanich Police officer has raised thousands of dollars for children battling cancer after recently being diagnosed with cancer himself.

On Friday, Cst. Paul Cain held a head shave to help raise money for the Cops for Cancer Tour de Rock. The reason for the head shave was two-fold, as Cain wanted to both help children battling the disease and to prepare himself for the aggressive cancer treatments that lay ahead of him.

“In the spirit of not letting cancer win, Paul chose to lose his hair on his terms and asked for it to be shaved at the Saanich Police Department in front of those he spent his career with,” said Saanich Police in a release.

Paul had originally imagined that a small gathering of friends and coworkers would show up to the head shave, and set a goal of raising $1000 to support kids who were about to battle the same illness that he was.

What unfolded, however, was a much larger show of support.

“He met his fundraising goal on Friday by raising $1000, and then another $1000, and another,” said Saanich Police. “At the end of the day, Paul had raised more than $16,000!”

The day was also filled with cake donated by a local Thrifty Foods, coffee provided by a nearby Starbucks, and door prizes courtesy of a Saanich Pharmasave.

“Paul embodies the spirit of Cops for Cancer and humbles us with his humanity,” said Saanich Police. “Well done Paul…we couldn’t be prouder of your drive to kick cancers butt, all while never losing your humour or kindness!”

Saanich Police has supported Cops for Cancer Tour de Rock since 1998. For more information on Tour de Rock or to donate check out their website online here.