(Screenshot / Saanich PD Twitter)

Who knew that Saanich Police loved the Backstreet Boys and a good meme?

On Tuesday afternoon, an unlikely but amazing video was posted on the Saanich PD Traffic Twitter account, showing three officers busting a move and trying the “Triangle Dance Challenge”.

The challenge went viral on the internet earlier this year and calls for three people to link arms in a triangle and jump to music with a different person hopping in the middle of the triangle in rhythm to the tune.

What makes the video even better is that the officers chose to dance to the tune of the Backstreet Boys’ “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)” to complete the challenge.

Truly an inspired choice.

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Twitter account @veggirl51 responded to the video saying, “Omg that was awesome! You nailed it!”, while @Machas1983 replied “Wow 😍”. Twittter user @KristinVitols offered a different opinion, jokingly saying “some things cannot be unseen”.

The Tweet ended with a challenge to VicPD and Oak Bay Police to complete the dance move themselves.

Check out the dancing for yourself below:

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