Sunday, February 25, 2024

The 10 best tweets in response to today’s Facebook and Instagram outages


If you were left feeling frustrated over Facebook and Instagram’s downtime earlier, you’re certainly not alone – users all over the globe were affected by the popular platforms’ apparent hiccup, and some of their reactions were downright hilarious.

In a tweet this morning, Facebook reports, “We’re aware that some people are currently having trouble accessing the Facebook family of apps. We’re working to resolve the issue as soon as possible.”

They later go on to say, “We’re focused on working to resolve the issue as soon as possible, but can confirm that the issue is not related to a DDoS attack.”

While the masses flocked to Twitter to commiserate, the Victoria Buzz office was basically immobilized without the use of our Facebook and Instagram accounts – so what did we do? Used this as the perfect excuse to go get ice cream!

We just want to report the news!

At least misery loves company, so without further ado here are some of the greatest Twitter reactions in response to the Facebook and Instagram outages:

1. Wait – Twitter’s a thing?

2. Us too, friend!

3. Tom would have never played us like this.

4. Fighting fire with fire.. oh, wait.

5. Even the Weather Network got in on the fun!

6. Is it working yet?!

7. The next box-office hit.

8. We might have actually been forced to socialize with one another..

9. On Wednesdays we wear pink.. and flock to all other social media apps.

10. It’s fine.. we’re fine.

How did you survive #facebookdown, Victoria?

Seanna Wainman
Seanna Wainman
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