(Replica handguns / VicPD Twitter)

Two men have been arrested after officers seized two different replica handguns in two separate cases over the weekend.

On Saturday afternoon, officers spotted a man riding a bicycle with no helmet and a full face covering on Bridge Street near Ellice Street. Officers then stopped the man, and “noticed a bulge” within his waistband.

When the officers asked about the bulge, he brought out the replica handgun. He was then arrested and underwent a full search. During the search, officers found also fan a can of bear spray, a knife, cash, and drugs.

Then, just before 2 a.m. on Sunday, patrol officers were called to Yates Street near Blanshard Street following reports of a man walking around the city with a gun.

Once police arrived, the man was safely taken into custody and a life-like replica firearm was seized. The man is known to police, and the investigation remains ongoing.

VicPD says that the replica guns are “extremely difficult to differentiate from actual weapons”.