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Happy April Fools, Victoria!

The first day of the fourth month usually provides the internet with some great comedic material, and we’ve compiled some of the funniest and most authentic looking April Fools pranks from the island and beyond.

If you missed it before, our 2018 April Fool’s article was one of our most popular all year, and is still relevant today.

Without further ado here are 8 April Fools jokes that may have had you second guessing (or wishing they were true)!

1. Greater Victoria Harbour Authority announces Nude Sunbathing

Looking for a scenic place to sunbathe without all that pesky clothing? You won’t have to look far!

The Greater Victoria Harbour Authority announced that Ogden Point will now become a clothing-optional beach, perfect for locals and visitors first stepping foot on the island.

“I’m most excited to see the looks on the faces of the 700,000 cruise passengers who will call to Victoria this summer. They will be completely exposed to the best that Victorians have to offer,” said Ian Robertson, CEO of the Greater Victoria Harbour Authority.

Hoping to get a good tan this summer? We're excited to announce that a new clothing-optional beach will open down by…

Posted by Greater Victoria Harbour Authority on Monday, April 1, 2019

2. World’s tallest gnome to replace John A. Macdonald statue in front of Victoria City Hall

Two iconic Vancouver Island statues need new homes, and it looks like they’ve found them!

Howard, the world’s tallest gnome, is now moving down to Victoria City Hall, where he’ll greet residents, visitors, and cyclists with a smile.

“Given the size of the Gnome, the Pandora street bike lanes will be slightly rerouted to allow cyclists to swerve directly through Howard’s legs,” reads development plans provided by the council.

Goodbye Prime Minister, hello Howard!

Posted by Victoria Buzz on Monday, April 1, 2019

3. Phillips Beer partners with Uber

While ride-sharing may not be legal in BC yet, that’s not holding Phillips Beer back!

The Victoria-based brewery has partnered with Uber to launch a new ride-sharing service, Phuber!

So far, the service only has one vehicle and driver, but feel free to give Dave a call! “Responses may be a bit delayed as he will need to safely park before checking his messages,” says Phillips.

4. BC Ferries announces new $2.3-billion cruise line business with two massive ships

BC Ferries has just announced that two new upcoming vessels, the largest in the corporations fleet, will serve as upscale cruise ships that travel the world.

Although its entity will be under the umbrella of BC Ferries, its highly specialized operations will be completely separate from the ferry network, and the vessels will include Cirque du Soleil acts, Lego-themed pools, bumper cars, and a roller coaster.

“Seaquest promises to take family vacations to a whole new level of fun and adventure like never before,” said George Deighton, CEO and President of Seaquest, in a statement.

5. Inn at Laurel Point unveils new Igloo wing

Visitors looking for an authentic Canadian experience need to check out the Inn at Laurel Point’s new Igloo wing!

Nothing says ‘The Great White North’ like laying your head to rest in a newly renovated hotel room made entirely of snow and ice.

We always have guests asking us how they can have an authentic Canadian experience while they stay with us. That's why…

Posted by Inn at Laurel Point on Monday, April 1, 2019

6. BC RCMP announce new Police Cat Services

Move over K9 units, its time for Police Cats to take a swipe at a crime!

Frontline officers throughout the province have volunteered for a pilot project that assigns police cats with human handlers.

“A police cat can work for almost 15 minutes a day before getting bored,” says BC RCMP. “A police cat entering the RCMP training program must be moody, aloof, and pensive (no reason for it, they just are)”.

7. West Jet Flyre Festival

Rise out of the ashes of the Fyre Festival and feast your eyes on the newest and most revolutionary music festival, Flyre Festival.

West Jet’s Flyre Festival is the world’s first ever premium in-flight music festival, boasting some of the world’s top musical artists and social influencers soaring at 35,000 feet.

Step aboard West Jet’s new 747 Dreamliners for a once in a lifetime exclusive experience.


8. Aryze acquire Ross Bay Village

Aryze has just completed the acquisition of Ross Bay Village and in collaboration with their international partners released photo renderings of the future design for the Ross Bay Luxury Resort, Hotel and Casino.

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