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Drivers and cyclists travelling through Langford and Sooke will soon have access to improved highways at a cost of $100 million.

In Langford, the major stretch of Highway 1 between Leigh Road and Westshore Parkway will be expanded from three lanes to four and a concrete median barrier will be installed. A new northbound lane will also be added to the intersection at Westshore Parkway.

Meanwhile in Sooke, upgrades will be made to Highway 14 between Glinz Lake Road and Connie Road. This 1.5 kilometre stretch will be widened and a median barrier will be installed.

“We’ve been listening to the concerns of the growing communities of the West Shore that have been asking for improvements to make highways 1 and 14 safer,” said Claire Trevena, B.C.’s Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure.

“Our government’s investments in highways, as well as transit and cycling infrastructure, will meet the diverse needs of people travelling on southern Vancouver Island.”

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Wider shoulders will be added between Otter Point Road and Woodhaven Road in Sooke, and a new ‘park and ride’ facility will be constructed on Gillespie Road.

The park and ride project is intended to encourage people to park their personal vehicles and use public transit to reduce traffic gridlock and the release of CO2 emissions.

Funding for the multiple highway projects comes from both the provincial and federal government, with a total combined budget of up to $99,715,000.

For the Highway 1 project in Langford, the federal government is contributing $4,750,000 through the New Building Canada Fund, and the province will be providing $9,250,000.

Meanwhile for the multiple Highway 14 improvements the Canadian government will be spending up to $30,233,000 while the province will be contributing up to $55,482,000.

While no exact completion date for either project has been set yet, the Ministry of Transportation believes that once the upgrades are complete, these busy traffic corridors will be safer and more efficient for drivers.