(Government of Canada)

A Canada-wide recall has been issued for two prints of Indigo branded mugs after there were reports of injuries associated with their use.

The company’s branded “Everything You Need” and “Totally The Best Aunt Ever” mugs are flawed and could crack when filled with hot liquid, which poses a burn or laceration hazard.

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The “Everything You Need” ceramic mug is white with floral design and pink glaze on the interior and is further identified by the UPC 882709405405.

The “Totally The Best Aunt Ever” ceramic mug is lilac with gold and white lettering and is further identified with UPC 882709390732.

(Government of Canada)

As of April 1st, Indigo has received four reports of the “Everything You Need” mug cracking, and as of March 20th the company received 11 reports of the “Totally The Best Aunt Ever” mug breaking, including 2 reports of minor injuries.

After being manufactured in China, approximately 1,365 units of the “Everything You Need” mug and 22,294 units of the “Totally The Best Aunt Ever” mugs have been sold in Canada.

Customers using either product should immediately return them to an Indigo store for a full refund.