(Blueberry / FLEC)

The cat belonging to the woman killed in last week’s apartment fire in Esquimalt has been found injured but alive by volunteers.

After days of searching by volunteers from pet-finding organization FLEC (Finding Lost & Escaped Cats), Blueberry was found behind the Craigflower Road apartment complex where the fire took place.

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FLEC told Victoria Buzz that Blueberry was found by a mother and daughter volunteer team that had been searching the area every morning and evening before and after work.

On Monday, the pair heard a noise coming from a bush behind the apartment and followed the sound to Blueberry, where she was found with singed fur, bloody and burned paws, and whiskers “not even half an inch long”.

The cat was then taken to the Central Victoria Veterinary Hospital for treatment. Veterinarines determined that Blueberry had no broken bones and is now staying at the veterinary hospital.

“She reeked of smoke,” FLEC told Victoria Buzz. “She’ll need a good bath or a shave.”

Blueberry belonged to 60-year-old Judith Burke, a resident of the apartment complex who sadly passed away in the fire. According to FLEC, Burke had included plans for Blueberry in her will, and what happens next to the cat is up to Burke’s executor.

The pet-finding organization is thanking the dozens of volunteers who were out looking for Blueberry last week.

“… [A] big thank you to all our volunteers,” said FLEC. “It’s a great group of people in the area, and surrounding apartments offered to help.”

No other pets were reported missing to FLEC from the fire. Although the source of the fire has not been conclusively identified, firefighters believe the blaze was sparked by human error.

Check out photos of Blueberry below:

(Blueberry / FLEC)
(Blueberry / FLEC)
(Blueberry / FLEC)

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