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On Monday, the Esquimalt-based warship HMCS Regina seized over 3 tonnes of hashish from the Indian Ocean.

The 3,000+ kgs of hash was retrieved from a suspicious fishing vessel that was found in an area off the coast of Oman, internationally known as the “hash highway”.

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The Regina’s Naval Tactical Operations Group (NTOG) team, then boarded the vessel and brought the 150 bags of hash back to the Canadian ship, where the drugs were destroyed.

According to the Canadian Armed Forces, had the hash not been destroyed, profits from the drug would have benefited local organized crime networks and terrorist organizations.

Posted by Canadian Armed Forces Operations on Tuesday, April 16, 2019

The drug bust occurred less than 10 days after HMCS Regina seized 2.5 tonnes of hash from the same area on April 6th.

The vessel is deployed in the region as part of Operation Artemis, Canada’s contribution to international counter-terrorism and maritime security operations in Middle Eastern and East African waters.

HMCS Regina is also part of Combined Task Force 150 (CTF 150), which is an international naval coalition of 33 nations that promotes stability in the region and is currently led by Pakistan.