Hwy 1 closed
(December 2016/BC Government)

The Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure has issued an apology for a further delay in the completion of the McKenzie interchange project.

Construction on the $85-million project commenced in September 2016 and was originally expected to be completed in late 2018.

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According to the Ministry of Transportation, the project is in its second and final phase of construction, and is now expected to be completed by summer 2020.

This delay is attributed to “unforeseen factors” including significant weather events on the island like heavy snowfall, and the discovery of highly variable rock under the existing intersection.

“As a result of the discovery, modifications were made to the overall design of the interchange’s new centre pier,” the Ministry stated in a release. “This pier will hold the bridge that will in future carry east and westbound traffic over the intersection.”

Once completed, the entire McKenzie interchange project, including the loop ramp, landscaping and transit facilities, is expected to save commuters about 20 minutes while travelling from downtown Victoria to the western communities.

“The ministry apologises for any inconvenience that this delay will cause and continues to work closely with the contractor on-site to deliver the project as soon as possible.”