(Yellow Point Farms/Facebook)

Staff at Yellow Point Farms in Ladysmith are frantically trying to find a 12-day-old baby goat that went missing on Saturday.

According to a Facebook post, the farm was opened to the public on April 27th between 1 and 3 p.m. for a popular baby goat cuddling event.

The kid in question was at the farm before the event, but nowhere to be found afterwards, leading owners to fear that he may have been stolen by one of the 50+ attendants.

“It is a relatively small space with not many places to hide, and there were no predators around, especially with all the people,” reads the post.

As the baby goat is only 12-days-old, he needs his mother’s milk, and mama needs her baby. Yellow Point Farms uploaded a heart-rending video of mama goat crying out for her kid, on their Facebook story.

Now, the farm is asking whoever has their smallest resident to return him to them, no questions asked – “…just drop him in a box even or put him in the front pasture”.

The incident has left owners seriously questioning whether they will ever open their farm up to visitors again.

The kid is gold in colour, has blue eyes, many moonspots, and a belt of white on his left side. Here are some more photos:

(Yellow Point Farms/Facebook)
(Yellow Point Farms/Facebook)