You’ve followed BC Ferries memes and chuckled along with Victoria Bar memes.

Now, an edgy new Instagram account is starting to cause a stir, just in time for cruise ship season.

In a covert interview conducted through DMs (direct messages) on Instagram, the anonymous owner(s) of Victoria Tourist Memes shared a few insider details with Victoria Buzz.

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“It was a cold and windy Thursday night, we were about 20 Nutrl’s deep and we thought ‘what’s a relatable thing in Victoria that we can make memes about, that’s not BC Ferries?’ and then within about 2-3 hours we made our first 20 memes, registered the account and started posting the next day.”

The city’s newest meme page was created just 6 days ago and already has over 180 fans. According to the creators, who described themselves as “just 2 and a half men”, Victoria’s audience has already been leaving positive reviews.

While the account invites followers to share their own encounters with tourists, 100% of the posts so far have been created by the owners of the page.

These self-professed meme culture fans have already produced a large stockpile of memes that they now post 2-3 times a day.

Their goal is to surpass the number of followers that the Butchart Gardens Instagram account has – a whopping 26.5K – so show them some love if you like what you see!

Check out some of their funniest posts:

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