Ever had that awkward moment when an acquaintance shows up at a party they weren’t invited to?

What about a 150 lb, furry, four-legged, potentially dangerous acquaintance?

A pair of beach-goers in Shirley, BC recently uploaded a video on YouTube documenting their heart-stopping encounter with an unwelcome black bear.

For the duration of the video, the bear stayed a safe distance away from the picnic-ers who had just opened a box of wine, and were calmly urging him to “go on” and “get out of here”.

Luckily, the animal was more timid and curious than aggressive, and let the pair pass by when they decided to leave.

“Glad I didn’t have to learn how a paring knife fairs in a bear attack,” reads the description in the video – and we’re pretty glad about that too!

Check it out:

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