(City of Parksville)

The City of Parksville has been forced to remove 30 originally healthy fir and pine trees after they were irrevocably damaged by vandals earlier this week.

On Tuesday morning, city staff arrived at the Cedar Ridge estates in Parksville to find extensive damage done to a total of 30 trees located along a linear path within the development.

“The vandalism was intended to permanently destroy the trees and would have taken considerable sustained effort by individuals to inflict this amount of damage,” says Communications Manager Deb Tardiff in a statement.

“Ten trees were girdled or destroyed at the base of the tree and another twenty trees were significantly topped.”

These fir and pine trees were about 25-30 feet tall, and were planted during the first phase of the Cedar Ridge estates development.

The targeted attack on the trees has resulted in approximately $30,000 worth of damage. No suspects have been found yet.

Anyone with information about this incident is asked to contact RCMP at 250 248-6111.