(Giant Bicycles Victoria/Facebook)

Last week, a man walked into a downtown Victoria bicycle store and walked out with a brand new bicycle – without paying for it.

In a blatant theft caught entirely on camera and posted to Facebook, a man is seen looking around the Giant Bicycles Victoria store on Yates Street before wheeling out a brand new bike worth $1,100.

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The security alarm can be heard blaring as he walks out of the store with the stolen property, prompting store manager Dylan Phye to chase after him.

When asked to return the new Giant Hybrid bike, the man simply said “Yeah sure, no problem”.

“It was very odd,” Phye told Victoria Buzz. “It’s as if he had done it before and was understanding of us wanting our property back.”

He also noted that the man was wearing a brand new Eddie Bauer backpack which also appeared to be stolen.

“We contacted Eddie Bauer on Government St. They recognized the thief, and the backpack went missing just before he came into our store,” said Phye.

The incident has been reported to Victoria Police, along with several tips to the store informing them of the thief’s identity. Police are now investigating and have the suspect’s name on file.

Giant Bicycles Victoria posted a surveillance video of the incident on Facebook which has been viewed over 15,000 as of the time of publication.

Check it out: