One-bedroom rates in Victoria are on the up

A multi-million dollar investment has been granted to BC from the federal government to help support temporary housing for asylum claimants and immigrants in the province.

In total, the Canadian government is investing $6 million into temporary shelters which will allow the province to increase its housing capacity and offset property costs that have risen over the past 2 years.

“Finding a safe place to live is essential for all people in our province, including refugee claimants who require secure housing to rebuild and settle,” said Bruce Ralston, Minister of British Columbia Jobs, Trade and Technology in a statement.

“This funding will supplement the BC government’s significant investment in housing affordability, providing necessary shelter for people starting a new life in the province.”

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Meanwhile, BC’s NDP government continues to work on its $7 billion pledge to tackle the province’s housing crisis over the next 10 years.

Out of this massive budget, $1.9 billion is being dedicated to increasing affordable rental housing in the province.

Over the next decade, the province plans to build 14,000 new affordable rental housing units. 20% of the units focused on low income households, 30% intended for moderate incomes, and 50% dedicated to low-to-moderate incomes.

Details on the different income brackets can be found online here.

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