Is your Instagram feed looking a little different lately?

Starting this week, Instagram is testing a new idea in Canada to remove the total number of ‘likes’ that posts receive.

The company – that was acquired by Facebook in 2012 – says that this is meant to move in a direction of users putting more focus on the content they share, rather than the amount of likes they receive.

Though users will still be able to check their individual number of likes by tapping the list of ‘likers’, other viewers will not be able to see this on their feed.

Since influencers rely heavily on the double-tap feature, this means that they may have to get more creative in how they will get their audiences to engage with their posts.

Though the new ‘like’ removal is still in its trial phase, there is the possibility it could become the new Instagram reality – though there is no news on whether or not it will be a permanent fixture as of yet.

How do you feel about Instagram removing the number of ‘likes’?




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