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Letter to the Buzz: Langford dad reveals chilling details of daughters murder ahead of parole hearing


Fred Proctor, the father of a Langford teenager who was brutally murdered 9 years ago, has written an open letter to express his outrage at Canada’s criminal justice system.

In March 2010, 18-year-old Kimberly Proctor was abducted, raped, tortured, and killed by two of her classmates. Soon afterwards, her body was discovered discarded along the Galloping Goose Trail in Colwood.

The perpetrators, 17-year-old Kruse Wellwood and 18-year-old Cameron Moffat received a life sentence with no possibility of parole for 10 years.

The parole hearing for one of the killers which was initially slated for June 2019 has now been postponed to August, prolonging the Proctor family’s pain.

In the aftermath of this news, Fred Proctor wrote a letter describing exactly what they did to his daughter, and expressing how he feels betrayed by the Canadian criminal justice system.

Cameron Moffat, left, and Kruse Wellwood, right/Photo by Vancouver Sun

Read his letter below:

Warning: This story contains graphic details that may be disturbing to some readers.

We got these letters in the mail from the Parole Board on the 24th of January and from Corrections Canada on February 20th of this year. Not quite nine years after the premeditated luring, abduction, rape torture and murder of our daughter Kim.

We were brought to the RCMP station in Langford British Columbia and read an agreed statement of facts, between the prosecution and the defendant, as to the horrific monstrous acts that Cameron Moffat and Kruse Wellwood had carried out, the day before it was read aloud in court at the trial.

The coroner found that Kim had been raped, her genitals were mutilated, foreign objects were found in her vagina, her underwear was stuffed in her mouth and taped shut.

She was bound and thrown in a freezer while still alive and eventually succumbed to death via asphyxiation. Whenever I recall this I just lose my shit thinking about the terror that Kim had to endure.

That evening while still in the house/crime scene and while Kim was dying, they [Wellwood and Moffat] invited another girl over. Luckily for her she did not go. The next day they stuffed Kim’s body into a hockey bag, took the bus to the trail off Wale Road and lit her body on fire in a ravine.

Police said that they would have kept doing this until caught. They would have become “serial killers”, [and police] said it was rare to have two sociopaths in the same vicinity at the same time, committing these acts together.

At the end of the trial we were ushered into Judge’s Chambers and asked what, if any,  information we would like to keep from the public. This caught me by surprise and I said ‘do NOT hold back anything’. We wanted the entire country to know exactly what these two monsters had done.

If people knew exactly what was read aloud in court, only then could we possibly raise enough outrage to incarcerate people for life – not the so-called life sentences of this broken penal system.

Unfortunately, our news media censored those gory details.

Further to that, one of the changes we wanted to happen was “Truth in sentencing”. Moffat and Wellwood were supposedly sentenced as adults. The average Canadian then assumes that to be 25 years.

But these two were youths at the time so that meant that instead of a 7-year maximum sentence before parole eligibility, they get 10 years. The victim’s survivors ultimately serve the life sentences in Canada.

Brad Aschenbrenner said it right [when he said] ‘we coddle criminals in this country’. His wife Sarah Beckett was one of the many officers that came to our home in the days and weeks that followed.

My wife Lucy struggles with anxiety and depression and sees a therapist for this. She was able to get free of antidepressant meds last year and now this past week has had to go back on them.

This pain really never will go away. We learn somehow to live with it, but when so-called Canadian justice lets this happen the healing stops. Our situation is made worse because of the fact there were two killers and thus far only one of them has applied for parole.

We could be spending many years attending parole hearings. All of the psychiatric evaluations of these two monsters said that it would take decades to correct their behaviour if it could be done at all. They showed no emotion or signs of any remorse at all whatsoever at the trial. True pure evil. We don’t have capital punishment anymore, but we should not have to tolerate this every year.

I’m at a loss of what to do now. I feel powerless, outrage, disbelief, betrayed by the system.


Brishti Basu
Former Senior Staff Writer and Content Manager at Victoria Buzz.

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