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National Caesar Day has arrived!

Yes, it’s a real Canadian tradition that happens every year on May 16th, and it’s quickly becoming one of our favourites.

The Caesar was first invented in 1969 by Canadian mixologist Walter Chell of Calgary. The drink was inspired by his favourite Italian dish, spaghetti vongole.

Chell’s attempt to capture the dish’s tomato and clam flavours led to the famous drink we know and love: vodka, tomato juice, clam broth, hot sauce, and Worcestershire sauce all mixed together in a large salt-rimmed glass that’s usually garnished with a stalk of celery and wedge of lime.

In honour of the world famous Canadian cocktail, we put together a list of 9 of Victoria’s most popular and unique versions of the drink.

1. Ferris’ Oyster Bar

Address: 536 Yates Street

While the Canadian caesar may have started in Calgary, Ferris’ Oyster Bar has helped perfect a West Coast version of the drink.

The oyster bar’s delicious Seafood Caesar features sobieski vodka, a fresh shucked oyster, a chilled prawn, a spicy pickled green bean, a piparra, fresh horseradish, and clamato juice.

2. SüLT Pierogi Bar

Address: 609 Yates Street

In a hip city full of great Caesars, SüLT Pierogi Bar’s stands out.

Their brew features house made clamato juice with a piece of cheese, a tomato, a pickled pepper, a pickle, specialty beef jerky, and of course, a deep fried pierogi.

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3. Nautical Nellies

Address: 1001 Wharf Street

Nautical Nellies’ ceasar is a bonafide Canadian classic.

The cocktail is made with Premium Stolichnaya vodka, delicious Clamato juice, Tabasco brand hot sauce (a little or a lot), Worcestershire sauce, plus lime, stuffed olives, and some flavourful “drunken” green beans. If you want to upgrade your caesar, you can also add jumbo prawns or a freshly shucked local oyster.

(Image from Nautical Nellies)

4. Bartholomew’s Pub 

Address: 777 Douglas Street

If you’re looking for a hefty beverage, Bart’s Signature Double Seafood Caesar has got you covered.

The drink features Wyborowa Vodka, two prawns, a mussel, pickled beans, a veggie skewer, hot sauce, worcestershire sauce, and a Montreal steak spice rim.

5. Mo:Le Restaurant 

Address: 554 Pandora Avenue

Mo:Le’s delicious Super Caesar is not to be missed!

The classic cocktail features a little extra zing, with pickled horseradish, pickled beans, lime, and more.

6. Jam Cafe 

Address: 542 Herald Street

The Classic Jam Bacon Caesar has everything you’d want in a savory cocktail.

Jam’s variation includes Stolichnaya vodka, asparagus, house-made sugar-cured bacon, and a spicy house mix rim.

7. Varsha Indian Kitchen 

Address: 1600 Government Street

Caesar lovers looking for a unique cocktail are in luck!

Varsha’s Pakora Bacon Caesar features lime, spicy green bean, a slice of bacon, and pakora (a popular deep-fried Indian snack).

8. Belleville’s Watering Hole & Diner

Address: 427 Belleville Street

You can’t go wrong with one of Belleville’s Classic Caesar’s.

The brunch cocktail boasts Bocconcini cheese and house-made pickled beans.

9. Crooked Goose Bistro

Address: 4136 Wilkinson Road

The Crooked Goose is home to four different types of delicious caesars.

They have their traditional Bloody Caesar, their Jerky Caesar which features Glenwood Beef Jerky, the Dill Pickle Caesar which includes a Dill Pickle and pickle juice, and their Bacon & Blue Caesar that boasts bacon and olives.

How about a delicious Bacon Wrapped Chicken Wing Caesar to celebrate 149 years of Canada?

Posted by Crooked Goose Bistro on Friday, July 1, 2016