(Game of Thrones Season 8, Episode 4 (L to R) Kristofer Hivju as Tormund, Kit Harington as Jon Snow, and Emilia Clarke as Daenerys Targaryen Photo: Helen Sloan/HBO)

If that last Game of Thrones episode has you reeling and in need of comfort, we’ve got just the cure!

Starting today, food delivery service SkipTheDishes is launching 7 days of promotion codes so you can get some discounted comfort food just in time for the May 19th series finale of what is arguably the most turbulent television show of all time.

Share some meat and mead while binge-watching the series with your fellow GoT enthusiasts from the comfort of your own home, as SkipTheDishes launches a different promo-code each day, to be availed at different times.

Each code will give you $5 off on all orders worth $30 or more – ideal for a Feast for Crows!

Monday’s promo code is GOODBOY, but they’ll reveal a new voucher each day, so make sure to check back at this link everyday until May 19th to avail their deal.

Here’s the 411 on this Valyrian steal of a deal:

  • Monday: redeem between 5-9pm
    Kingdom of the Westerlands, held by House Lannister
    A Lannister always satisfies their cravings. If you’re as hungry as a lion, get close with your family. Okay, not that close. You should like, share a pizza or something.
  • Tuesday: redeem between 11am-3pm
    Kingdom of the Mountain and the Vale, held by House Arryn
    Lord Arryn would order a side of Milk of the Poppy, but it would be weird if you did it. Throw your hunger out the moon door with an order of chicken littlefingers for lunch.
  • Wednesday: redeem between 4-7pm
    Kingdom of the Riverlands, now held by House Frey
    Tell them dinner came for House Frey. Just don’t order the pie.
  • Thursday: redeem between 8pm-12am
    Principality of Dorne, formerly held by House Martell
    Don’t make a mountain out of a sandhill—your late night snack should be easy. The gods made sushi, and it delights you. The gods made burgers, and it delights you. When it comes to love, you don’t choose sides.
  • Friday: redeem between 11am-3pm
    Kingdom of the Stormlands, held by House Baratheon
    Ordering in? Don’t go stag. Anything barbecue should be fine, as long as the Red Woman isn’t cooking.
  • Saturday: redeem between 8am-12pm
    Kingdom of the Reach, formerly held by House Tyrell
    House Tyrell’s words are “Growing Strong,” but you’re just growing hungry for breakfast (and you’re a little thorny about it).
  • Sunday: redeem all day
    Kingdom of the North, held by House Stark

    Shove your hunger right out the window. Keep your loved ones close and your lemon cakes closer.

Is there a reason why the series finale day promo is attributed to House Stark? Does SkipTheDishes know something we don’t?

Either way, May 19th will be the end of our Watch, and we’re stress-eating all the way to the (probably) fiery finale.

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