(Photo by Saanich Police/Twitter)

It’s been a month full of surprise animal visits over at the Saanich Police Department.

According to Sgt. Julie Fast, Saanich Pound officers who operate out of the police building, have been bringing over adorable rescued animals all month.

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On June 1st, officers rescued a total of 7 newborn rabbits that had been abandoned near Gyro Park in Cadboro Bay.

“The pound took great steps to ensure that there wasn’t a parent lingering around before handling them, but clearly they had been abandoned so they were all scooped up,” Sgt. Fast told Victoria Buzz.

And this morning – Tuesday, June 19th – Pound officers brought back a turtle that had been found in the middle of the road.

The turtle was clearly stranded in the middle of Nicholson Street when an observant citizen picked it up and put the little guy in a box for Saanich Pound to collect.

After being rescued, both the bunnies and the turtle were taken to Central Victoria Veterinary Hospital for treatment.

From there, they are picked up by staff at the Wild Animal Rehabilitation Centre (Wild ARC) in Victoria to be prepared for rehabilitation.

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