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Get your health in check at this futuristic wellness practice in Victoria


For many people, feeling the effects of modern-day life – from things such as work, to home life, even social responsibilities – can be a drain on your energy.

When living in a world of constantly being connected and on the go, we can sometimes neglect vital aspects of our well-being – including energy imbalances. Victoria-based ÆON HEALTH promotes energy medicine, a branch of complementary and alternative medicine which draws its knowledge from the emerging science of quantum physics.

All of this has given rise to a new field known as bioenergetics which aims to restore a state of healthful balance within the human body.

Bioenergetics is the study, detection and correction of energy fields as well as the flow of energies in living systems. During a bioenergetic session, ÆON HEALTH uses state-of-the-art technology to precisely assess the body’s energy fields, chakras and energetic pathways for distortions and blockages.

This is achieved with a resonance scanner – the size of a computer mouse – that measures and compares thousands of data points within seconds.

The assessment of your scan results is done one-on-one; assessing how well your Human Body Field (HBF) and its smaller fields (including the seven chakras) are powered, whether each field is transferring energy correctly, the level of engagement with environmental fields (e.g. the Earth’s magnetic field) and the efficiency with which nutrients are recognized and absorbed.

Any cases of energy imbalances may indicate that your body’s 70 to 100 trillion cells are lacking the power to function optimally. This can be the root cause of a vast array of health conditions – physical, emotional, mental or spiritual.

A bioenergetic session at ÆON HEALTH in Victoria consists of the following steps:

1. Scan

Utilizing a bio-resonance based scanner, your Human Body Field and its sub-fields [i.e. smaller energy fields] are measured by simply having you place the palm of your hand on the scanning device. The procedure takes between 8 and 10 seconds, and is completely non-invasive.

2. Assessment

The collected data from your scan is quantitatively compared to a database containing the optimal values of all energy fields in the body. A proprietary algorithm evaluates all findings and determines so-called ‘scan priorities’. These are scan results that may indicate distortions or blockages within particular energy fields.

3. Treatment

Based on the findings, energetic distortions and blockages can be precisely addressed. That means, all energetic imbalances within your body can be corrected over time by using bioenergetic devices known as the miHealth and iMRS. The equipment provides corrective energy to specified areas in, on and around your body. This results in energetic imbalances to be cleared, allowing your body to heal itself and return to a state of well-being.

Aeon Health aims to find the root causes for health issues – whether acute or chronic – by assessing people’s energy fields, correct these energetic imbalances, so the mind, body and soul can heal themselves.

Ready to get your health in check, Victoria?

ÆON HEALTH – Energy Medicine

  • Where: Suite #6 – 900 Park Boulevard, Victoria
  • Hours: Mondays through Fridays, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Book a session online here.
  • Pricing: Sessions range between $50 and $150.
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