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Nowadays, nearly everyone you meet is primarily focused on keeping their bodies healthy – the latest health trends revolve around exercising, clean eating and dieting to keep your body in the best possible shape it can be – but what about your brain?

Luckily, resources like Mind X Magazine exist to promote brain fitness, mental stimulation, and better yet – a creative outlet for when you have a little bit (or a lot!) of free time on your hands.

Mind X Magazine is a fresh and FREE activity book accessible to people wherever their lifestyle takes them, and their mission is to provide users with a high-quality activity book that will help them keep their minds active during their leisure and commuting time.

As early as a few decades ago, the state of our brain was believed to be beyond our control – back then, it was taught that people were born with a certain number of brain cells, which die over time and were not replaced.

Thankfully, recent research has dramatically changed that thinking, and while it remains true that the areas of the brain associated with memory and reason tend to shrink with age, you can still improve brain health by adding brain cells and building new connections between those cells throughout your life.

This is the first free exercise magazine in the community, and each issue of Mind X includes Crossword puzzles, word searches, Sudoku, colouring pages, and more! These magazines are ideal for people spending a lot of time waiting, commuting or caring for others, while exercising your mind in the process.

Mind X Magazine publishes quarterly issues with 20,000 copies each time – you can find your copy at one of their 120+ locations across Vancouver Island, and even on BC Ferries!

Time to stop neglecting one of the most vital parts of your body and get your brain workout on!

Mind X Magazine 

  • When: New issues available quarterly
  • Where: Pick up your copy at locations such as the Victoria Public Market, Harbour Air Terminal, Market on Yates, Victoria Public Library, Victoria General Hospital and many more

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