(Photo by Sara Christina/Facebook)

The appearance of dozens of load bearing posts inside the parkade at Uptown Shopping Centre has received ample attention from mall visitors.

The braces first appeared in the parkade on Wednesday, June 19th, and in the absence of a statement from Uptown regarding their purpose, many took to social media to speculate on the reason behind their existence.

Several people remarked on the safety of the building itself, and wondered whether “sinking floors” are an issue.

Others cited fears of a repeat of the infamous 1988 supermarket parkade collapse in Burnaby, in which the rooftop parkade at a newly constructed Save-on-Foods market caved in on customers.

(Photo by Chantaya Roloson)

No need for fear

While the sheer number of load bearing posts makes for an intimidating sight, there is a far less alarming reason for their existence.

“The work in the parkades is due to the expansion of RBC on Level 4,” Uptown spokesperson Kristy Lowes told Victoria Buzz.

“Supports throughout the parkade have been installed to accommodate this construction work. This work is set to complete July 15, 2019.”

Lowes also advised that the establishment is taking steps to keep visitors informed of the new developments.

“We’re in the middle of putting up some signage and have information about what’s going on at Guest Services,” she added.

Therefore according to Uptown Shopping Centre, there is no actual cause for concern.