(Image / Tim Nesdoly)

Victoria residents who checked UsedVictoria today have reportedly found endless amusement in a post that lists a Colwood high school building for sale.

In a highly creative and colourful prank, the graduating class of Royal Bay Secondary School has put their high school building up for sale on the website for just $2,019.

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The cheeky listing states several reasons for selling the building, including:

  • the students are done with it,
  • lack of space for new students (however this issue is being resolved by nice men in yellow hats with steel toed boots),
  • increased amount of vapists,
  • young adolescents ‘ruling’ the school, and
  • simply being fed up with looking at the same faces for the last four years.

They go on to add that while the property will soon be valued at $61.8 million, they’re selling it for just $2,019 due to the fact that “the last four years [were full of] nothing but slow wifi and long drives to Tim Hortons”.

The #Grad2019 post concludes with a tongue-in-cheek call to action by the mischievous pranksters asking for “serious inquiries only”.

Any takers?

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