The new Johnson Street Bridge (flying.niimbus/Instagram)

An unidentified hydraulic issue is preventing Victoria’s 1-year-old Johnson St Bridge from lifting into its open position, according to the City of Victoria.

The issue was discovered by city staff during routine maintenance on Thursday afternoon and is currently under investigation.

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According to the city, engineering crews, system designers, and PCL Construction staff are working to identify and fix the issue which appears to have originated in the hydraulic system.

Currently, authorities are unsure of when the bridge will be at full operation again.

“Right now, our staff are working with PCL and system designers to get the system back online as quickly as possible,” said Victoria Head of Engagement, Bill Eisenhauer.

“We don’t have a specific return to service start time but we suspect that we will know what our plan will be by this afternoon for today and the weekend due to final system tests.”

In the meantime, while the bridge is fixed in its closed position large marine vessels have been unable to enter or leave the Inner Harbour.

“We’re working very directly with the Harbour Master and marine operators to keep them informed on progress and what plans will be,” added Eisenhauer.

Meanwhile, the bridge remains fully open to vehicle, pedestrian, and cyclist traffic.

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