Hwy 1 closed
(December 2016/BC Government)

After two delays and an initial $85 million budget, the Saanich McKenzie interchange project is now going to cost even more than originally anticipated.

On Tuesday afternoon, BC Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure spokesperson Danielle Pope confirmed to Victoria Buzz that the construction of the much anticipated overpass will cost taxpayers $11 million more.

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The now $96 million project commenced in September 2016 and was originally expected to be completed in late 2018.

Schedule delays caused by several “unforeseen factors”, like significant weather events on the island (ie. heavy snowfall), and the discovery of highly variable rock under the existing intersection, are among the reasons why the interchange will cost more time and money to complete.

Once completed, the entire McKenzie interchange project, including the loop ramp, landscaping and transit facilities, is expected to save commuters about 20 minutes while travelling from downtown Victoria to the western communities.

Earlier this year, the province issued an apology for the delay in construction.

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