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The Mustard Seed Street Church now owns the Food Security Distribution Centre building it has been leasing since 2017.

The 102-808 Viewfield Rd property was purchased with the help of a $2 million grant from the BC government through the Victoria Foundation.

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Food Security Distribution Centre is a hub to redistribute food across south Vancouver Island and serves as a home to the region’s Food Rescue Project. Its purchase will provide long-term stability for the program.

Over 1,815 kilograms (4,000 pounds) of fresh food from grocery stores pass through the centre each day.

“The Mustard Seed is a well-known food bank in the community, but we have big goals for the distribution centre that go beyond the traditional food bank model,” said Derek Pace, executive director, Mustard Seed Street Church.

“We’re working closely with other organizations to make the distribution centre an integral part of a sweeping network of services that provide fresh, healthy produce to families and connect them with programs that support opportunities in food literacy, education, employment and more.”

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Moving forward, the Mustard Seed and the Victoria Foundation will be exploring ways to utilize the building in ways that move beyond the traditional food bank model in order to determine the best way to support food-insecure families in the community.

The $2 million provincial grant used to purchase the facility is part of an overall $3 million food security grant, the rest of which is being used to expand food security programs and initiatives in communities across British Columbia.