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“We’re too stubborn to give up.”

An Instagram post that’s delighted patrons of Pluto’s Diner confirms that although the restaurant has been renovicted, they have no intentions of fading away.

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Earlier this month, Pluto’s owner, Brun Dahlquist told Victoria Buzz that the 31-year-old diner is being “renovicted” by Sakura Developments who plan to build a condominium complex in its stead.

“It’s the fate of downtown Victoria in these times,” said Dahlquist. “At every corner you can see a new condo building going up.”

After leasing the same space for over three consecutive decades, Dahlquist was told that Pluto’s had just one year to leave the property by April 2020.

But that’s not going to stop them from sticking around!

“You can’t get rid of us that easy,” reads the sassy post from the eatery’s Instagram page.

“Also, F*ck condos. 4/20 2020,” making an obvious reference to the date they’re expected to vacate the premises.

Staff of the diner commented on the post expressing that they’re “kinda getting sick of folks calling or coming in with apologies about our end” – because they’re clearly not going away forever!

While Pluto’s original location may be closing down, Dahlquist is confident that fans of the diner will remember the brand and join the restaurant wherever they move to next…

Hopefully, for many more generations to come.

With files from Adam Chan.


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