A Victoria resident took matters into her own hands when trying to find out where in town she could take her dog with her – and the solution can be used to by everyone!

Olga Gould used municipality websites, Victoria Buzz articles, lists created by local dog trainer Darcie Jennings of CommuniCanine, and other sources to create this interactive dog map.

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It marks all the businesses in town that allow owners to bring their dogs in on-leash. The different colour coded flags and sections mark other dog-related aspects of certain areas.
For example, a yellow flag or yellow area symbolizes that on-leash dogs are allowed there during certain parts of the year, and that restrictions apply.

There are currently 560 businesses in Greater Victoria that will allow you to take your fur baby inside, and 1,100 in British Columbia.

Dogs have an average body temperature of 39°C, and a short time in a hot environment can quickly raise their temperature to 41°C which can potentially lead to the risk of brain damage and even death.

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