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Despite Vancouver Island experiencing a drier than average June all month, Victoria saw a record-breaking amount of rainfall pour across the city on Thursday.

According to Environment Canada, the capital city received a total of 20.2 millimetres of rain in just one day, accounting for over two thirds of the entire rainfall total for June.

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The 20+ millimetres of rain more than doubles the previous record for June 27th in prior years, with the previous record measuring only 9.7 millimetres set in 1955.

While the city saw plenty of rain yesterday, Victoria is expected to fall short of the average amount of rainfall for June.

“[Victoria received] roughly 29 milimetres for the whole month, and we got 20 milimetres yesterday,” said Environment Canada meteorologist, Bobby Sekhon.

“So we just made up for it yesterday because on average the community sees about 30.6 millimetres [in June]. If we hadn’t gotten that much yesterday we wouldn’t have been that close to that average.”

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According to the weather agency, the rainfall was caused by an upper low cold system that moved through the island.

This unpredictable type of weather system is common for this time of year, according to Sekhon, and partially explained why the city saw bursts of showery precipitation rather than a more constant spread which is common in the fall and winter.

“July is usually the driest month of the year in Victoria so we’re glad to have gotten this precipitation at the end of June,” said Sekhon.

“It doesn’t look like we have a whole lot of rain expected for July.”