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There’s good news for public transit users in Victoria, as BC Transit’s live bus-tracking technology, NextRide, has finally arrived!

The new online system includes a range a features like allowing riders to check the location of their bus, approximately how full it is, its predicted arrival time at their stop, and whether or not there are detours on their route.

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NextRide is hosted on a dedicated website, meaning that commuters can check their bus’ whereabouts and details on any device that can connect to the internet, whether it be mobile or on a desktop

Additional bus upgrades in Victoria include a new on-board announcement system, which lists off the bus’ next stop audibly and through an LED display at the front of the bus for those who may be hearing or visually impaired.

BC Transit has also promised to install CCTV cameras on 376 buses throughout their provincial fleet, which will feature audio and video recording equipment for added driver and rider safety.

Besides retrofitting buses in their current fleet, the transit company says that all future medium-duty and heavy-duty conventional buses will have the cameras pre-installed.

BC Transit’s NextRide website can be found online here. Further information on the technology, including an FAQ, can be found on BC Transit’s website online here.

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