(Image / Graham Keehn Instagram)

Victoria Police are warning residents to follow bridge safety warnings and signage after a drunk man took a frightening accidental ride on the Johnson Street Bridge on Friday.

Just before 8:00 p.m. on July 19th, VicPD was called to the Johnson Street Bridge with reports of a man hanging on to the bridge will it was being lifted for passing vessels.

Police believe that the man “bypassed” bridge safety systems and stumbled onto the bridge after the lift sequence had already begun.

By the time officers arrived, the bridge was fully raised and the man could be seen clinging to a railing and bracing himself up with his legs.

“He was drunk and jumped the gate and stumbled on to the bridge as it was raising,” said one witness on social media. “With a beer in one hand and a bag of beer in the other.”

When the bridge was lowered, officers took the man into custody. Police say that he was intoxicated but uninjured, and was driven home after the incident.

Following the incident, Victoria Police are urging people to follow the warnings and signage present at the Johnson Street bridge, and to not attempt to cross the bridge while any yellow warning lights are flashing.

Charges are not being considered against the man.