(Greater Victoria Crime Stoppers)

One graffiti artists went to great lengths to spray paint the starboard beacon near the Johnson Street Bridge.

But little did he know, he was being watched.

In a Facebook post on Friday morning, Greater Victoria Crime Stoppers addressed the man who committed the crime and was on his way back to shore when he unknowingly flashed a smile at the camera that was pointed right at him.

After seeing the image, Crime Stoppers penned a hilariously sassy letter to the suspect.

Read it for yourself:

Dear Suspect

Ever get that feeling that you are being watched?

Well, on this day you should have had that feeling and made a better decision to not spray your graffiti on the starboard beacon near the Johnson Street Bridge.

We do however, want to share the troubles you went through , as you had to swim out the the beacon and climb the slippery ladder to commit this crime.

Luckily for us, you were caught on camera and now we are able to share this picture of you as you made your way back to shore.

Someone out there will recognize you and they will tell us who you are.

We will be seeing you very soon.

Anyone who knows who the suspect is can contact Greater Victoria Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477 or message their Facebook page.