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Fans of classic cars, especially Deuces, won’t want to miss this year’s Northwest Deuce Days!

The four-day event showcases nearly 1,400 pre-1952 collector vehicles and draws in tens of thousands of spectators from all across North America.

Northwest Deuce Days only occurs once every three years – and the 2019 show promises to be the biggest one yet.

In total, 1,367 classic vehicles have registered for the event, including a whopping 650 Deuces⁠—the nickname given to 1932 Ford coupes that have undergone “hot rod” modifications.

The exciting event is also packed with an array of different activities, including a welcoming party, a ‘Poker Run’ event that involve drivers drawing cards at different Victoria landmarks, and the ‘Big One’, the full day where all 1,300 + classic cars are displayed around the Inner Harbour and Legislation.

On Sunday, during the Big One, spectators will have the chance to view all of the decades-old collector vehicles and chat with their passionate owners.

A full schedule of the four-day event can be found online here.

Northwest Deuce Days

When: Thursday, July 18th to Sunday, 21st, 2019
Where: Victoria Inner Harbour