The Manitoba RCMP detachment have released surveillance footage of Kam McLeod and Bryer Schmegelsky taken at a store in Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan.

The video, released by police on Friday, shows the pair walking through the aisles of a Co-op store and then exiting the store.

The pair are wanted in the deaths of three people in Northern British Columbia.

Over the next 72 hours, investigators will conduct door-to-door canvases in the Town of Gillam and Fox Lake Cree Nation, in hopes of generating new tips and information.

Police are warning the public that both men may have changed their appearance and someone in the community of Gillam may have inadvertently assisted the suspects in leaving the area by someone that was not aware of who they were.

Police are asking for that person or persons to come forward.

“It is crucial for you call police immediately,” police stated in a tweet.

RCMP said they were spotted in Meadow Lake on Sunday, before last being seen in Gillam on Monday.



Two Port Alberni teens, Kam Mcleod and Bryer Schmegelsky are considered suspects in the deaths of three people in Northern BC this month — a travelling couple and a lone currently unidentified male.

The teens were initially considered missing persons on Monday after the vehicle they were travelling in was found burning off the side of Highway 37 in northern BC near the location of the unidentified deceased man on July 19th.

On Tuesday, police changed their assessment and announced that the pair were now considered suspects in the death of the unidentified man and the travelling couple.

The couple, 25-year-old Chynna Deese and 23-year-old Lucas Robertson, were found shot and killed on the side of the highway near Liard Hot Springs on July 15th, approximately 470 kilometres away from where the teens’ car was found.


Police believe that McLeod and Schmegelsky are likely still travelling, though there destination is not known at this time.

Kam McLeod is described as:

6 foot 4
Approximately 169 pounds
Dark brown hair and facial hair
Brown eyes
Bryer Schmegelsky is described as:

6 foot 4
Approximately 169 pounds
Sandy brown hair
While photos of the two teens have been released, police say that the pair may have altered their appearance.

Anyone who sees the pair is asked not to approach them and to call 911 immediately.

Otherwise, anyone with information on McLeod and Schmegelsky is asked to contact the RCMP’s Major Crime Tipline at 1-877-543-4822, or 778-290-5291.