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RuPaul’s Drag Race winner Bianca Del Rio will be hosting a comedy show in Victoria this month


The winner of season 6 of the iconic Emmy-winning award show RuPaul’s Drag Race, Bianca Del Rio, is coming to Victoria on July 20th to regale us with her comedy show.

Since her memorable win in 2014, she has written and toured multiple stand-up shows in cities across the world, and also performed in the RuPaul Werq the World tour alongside other drag queens.

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When asked how Biance Del Rio manages to keep up with such a demanding career – international travel, long work hours, and multiple showruns and tours, she answers, “vodka.” 

“But actually, how fortunate, how lucky! Now is my time to run and do it. I’m turning 44 tomorrow and there’s never been a better time. I have an audience now that is paying to see me. That has changed my whole outlook on life,” she tells Victoria Buzz.

When the West End calls

Del Rio is currently performing an 8-week run on the West End in London in a show called, ‘Everybody’s Talking about Jamie.’ 

“When the West End calls, you answer!,” Del Rio laughs while recounting how she ended up accepting the role. 

Roy Haylock, Bianca Del Rio’s lesser known off-stage name, started his career in theatre in 1996, working in costumes and makeup. 

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When a certain performance required a drag queen, Haylock stepped up, soon leading to the birth of her iconic persona, Bianca Del Rio. 

“It’s all snowballed into this insane life I’m currently living,” she says. “Everything is a chance. I always say yes to everything, and that’s how I’ve gotten here.”

When asked how to describe the character of Bianca Del Rio to someone who has never seen her perform, she tells us that Del Rio is an “extension of who [she] is. A man in a wig, yet the most honest person you can get.”

Victoria calling

Del Rio will be in Victoria on July 20th to perform her ‘It’s Jester Joke’ comedy tour at the Royal Theatre & McPherson Playhouse 

“Expect the unexpected,” she says, “While there is a scripted portion, I deal a lot with the audience. If you’re sitting anywhere in the first ten rows, be prepared to shit yourself.” 

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This show is described as poking fun at itself, it’s star, the audience, and the world. 

“If you dare, if you’re man enough, if you’re brave enough, come see what happens,” Del Rio teases. 

“Come, drink, laugh and form your own opinion.”

Bianca Del Rio: It’s Jester Joke

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