(Image / Saanich Police Twitter)

An elderly Vancouver Island driver had their license suspended by Saanich Police on Wednesday for accumulating numerous electronics-related distracted driving tickets.

According to Saanich Police, the 72-year-old driver was issued a whopping 4 month long driving prohibition as a penalty for repeated offenses of “use electronic device while driving”.

Besides the suspension, the driver is facing hundreds of dollars in fines, and multiple penalty points on their license.

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While details on the driver’s traffic record have not been released, the fine for a person’s first distracted driving violation ticket costs $368, along with 4 penalty points added to their driving record.

For two or more distracted driving convictions in a three-year period, the vehicle operator is then charged an additional Driver Risk Premium (DRP) which is billed annually and separately from any other insurance premiums they may already have, and is increased for each additional conviction recorded in that period.

For this driver to have their license suspended, they must have made the same driving infraction at least twice within a 12 month period, according to ICBC’s policies.

Fortunately for the driver, police issued them a relatively low penalty, as repeated distracted driving offenses are considered a “high risk driving infraction” and punishable by a maximum 12 month driving prohibition.

July has been a busy month for Saanich Police’s traffic team.

Last week, one driver was fined by Saanich PD for speeding in a playground zone and tossing a lit joint out of their car window.

Meanwhile, two weeks ago, a drunk driver had their car impounded by police after speeding through a playground zone in Saanich.

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