(Mo / Vancouver Aquarium Marine Mammal Rescue Centre)

Mo, a Northern fur seal pup that was rescued by Vancouver Island salmon farmers back in January, has just been released back into the wild by the Marine Mammal Rescue Program.

On January 28th, staff at Mowi salmon farm in Campbell River spotted Mo swimming irregularly near their operation.

The baby seal was swimming sideways and appeared to be unable to dive under the water.

The salmon farmers eventually pulled Mo out of the water and contacted the DFO, who then arranged transportation for her to be sent to the Vancouver Aquarium Marine Mammal Rescue Centre in Vancouver.

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When Mo first arrived at the rehabilitation centre, staff believed she was roughly seven months old and severely underweight for her age.

Since then, however, the baby seal has been successfully recovering at the animal centre, bringing smiles to both staff and BC residents who were interested in the adorable pup.

“It’s always wonderful to see how much people in this province care about our marine mammals and step up to help us save them,” said Rescue Centre manager Lindsaye Akhurst in a statement.

Now, nearly six months later, Mo is fit enough to return to the wild.

Before the Rescue Centre sent her on her way, they outfitted her with a satellite transmitter to help keep track of her on her future endeavours.

“We never know how successful each pup’s recovery will be, but our objective is always a full rehabilitation and return to the ocean,” added Akhurst.

“Mo is an energetic and spirited animal, which served her well as she recuperated and will help her thrive now that she’s back in the ocean.”

Remember Mo? She's grown! Mo has gained quite a bit of weight since her arrival at the rescue centre. She is spending a…

Posted by Marine Mammal Rescue Centre on Thursday, March 28, 2019

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